Mental illness. Young generations are among the most vulnerable

By David Swateen

Among the age groups most vulnerable to diseases and problems attributed to mental disorders, there are above all the younger generations, victims – often without their knowledge – of a phenomenon that has spread increasingly in the past period in our society.

To put focus on the question was Paula Carosa, Director of the mental health department at Osel Ferrara, who has been active in the region for years to prevent the problem, especially in adults of tomorrow: “Among the resources that we have put in place to support adolescent psychologists, who are using to treat emotional and behavioral disorder and substance abuse in the 12-20 age group Year “.

“These numbers – continues the director of Ausl – are mainly used to intervene in the disorder of these young people, to ensure that they are at the most promising stages of their lives not interrupting their studies and their developmental perspective. In this regard, it is necessary to further strengthen the presence of psychologists compared to physicians and neuropsychologists, who Instead, they deal with the question from a neurobiological perspective. “

Specifically – Carosa delves into the details – Ausl has three principles that underlie his work: “The first is the timing of the intervention, from the moment we have to intervene to the first episode of illness. Obviously, by doing so, the rates of disability and exacerbation are reduced, So much so, that if we intervene in the first year of illness, we have a 90% chance of cure with resumption of social functioning, reduction of symptoms and hospitalization in patients. “

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The second – instead – is about proactive services, which should be close to citizens and not wait for people to consult with them. In the Covid period, for example, we activated home empowerment because people often did not reach us. This will be helpful in preventing relapses and taking preventive action. From the lockdown onwards, our services are activated daily for high-risk patients through phone calls, video calls and home visits if needed. “

“ Finally – concluded Carosa, explaining Ausl’s operating and intervention methods – an essential role is played by the integration of interventions and professional personalities. This is because with many people with mental illness, not only is a therapeutic pharmacological intervention effective, but a team A multidisciplinary consisting of psychologists and social workers, in addition to teachers, psychological rehabilitation technicians and general medicine physicians, as is already the case here in Ferrara we established. “

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