Mental health emergency: screening begins in the United States. And what about Italy?


For the first time in the United States, Anxiety and stress For all patients under the age of 65. This was requested by the US Preventive Services Task Force, stressing the need for intervention to prevent these symptoms from causing real symptoms. Mental illness. In fact, the group of doctors announced that the symptoms of anxiety and depression are gone From 36% in 2020 to 41% in 2021. However, it goes undetected often, sometimes even for years.

Although the task force’s recommendations are not mandatory, it sets a clear direction, which will directly affect medical practice. Indeed, it is easy to imagine that caring for people’s mental health is finally entering fully into regular consultations and outpatient visits.

as pointed out The New York TimesHowever, the rise in mental health problems is not unique to the United States. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, anxiety and depression are indeed Overall increased by 25%. While In Italy it tripled compared to pre-pandemic estimates.

If we take into account then Adolescent populationthe picture gets worse: the last Istat Report 2021 It highlights poor psychological state in the 14-19 year old group. 220,000 boys and girls reported dissatisfaction with their lives and health. The number doubled compared to the last polls in 2019.

However, what is being done in our country for a mental health emergency?
The Psychiatrist’s award It was certainly an essential first step, but it wasn’t enough.
The law to enter basic psychology It has crossed the spotlight many times and can be a suitable tool, it would provide more than one person qualified for periodic check-up for symptoms of anxiety and depression. Experiments affect areas such as Lombardy and the Laziobut national guidance is still missing.

In this scenario, the main role is undoubtedly Policy. The elections just ended and the mental health issue was absent or remained on party platforms. It is therefore natural to wonder about other people who can take charge of the psychological well-being of the population. Here, then, are all of them comp Those who promote initiatives aimed at the mental health of their people end up being the few fortresses that exist. Show interest that is often lacking at a social level.

The future of individual countries necessarily intertwined with the conditions of well-being of their inhabitants. In a historical period like this, dictated by uncertainty, epidemics, wars, inflation and concern for the mental dimension of the citizens should be prioritized.


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