Men’s Athletic Shoes: History and Its Thousand Uses

Born for sport and a symbol of youth rebellion against the status quo Men’s sports shoes Today it is so cleared of customs that, once in a shoe rack, one can easily do without anything else. In fact, these shoes can be worn while playing sports (obviously), but also in leisure time in the company of casual clothes, in the office combined with a more formal look and on the occasion of events and ceremonies to minimize the corporate nature of the Tailored suit. So, in what follows, we wanted to summarize their rise and outline some effective combinations to highlight all their versatility.

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The history of athletic shoes

to select origins sport shoes It is necessary to step back in time through the centuries: in the sixteenth century, in fact, the peoples Redskins They start covering their feet with latex so they can work on the ground to avoid the risk of cuts and scrapes. However, the first real breakthrough leading to something resembling the sneakers as we know them today came just like that 1839 In the United kingdomWhen vulcanization process: a specific process that allows latex to take on a harder consistency and is less susceptible to deterioration. Then, about ten years later, again in England, the first real sneakers in history were born, which at first found great distribution in the world of the aristocracy.

To really make the shoe mainstream, we think Olympic Games: to me Athens 1896In fact, athletes participating in competitions start wearing the new invention to report amazing results; to me Berlin 1936However, the African American Jesse Owens Four gold hangs around his neck, wearing a pair of Adidas Which, from that moment on, begins to be associated with ideas of victory, success, and performance. Close adults world warsin the fifties up sports shoes in United State And stop thinking of them as sneakers only thanks to a star like James Deanwhich is worn with a leather biker jacket lost youththus raising them to the slogans of the fight againstyouthful strength.

Rather, it was in the eighties Michael Jordan To give a new impetus to the success of sports shoes with design Nike your own group of Jordan Airlinesis still the cult things of enthusiasts today. Giorgio Armanion the other hand, was the first to introduce her under elegant clothes, and opened the doors for her to the latest fashion.

Men’s sports shoes

Given their history, and a list of effective pairings for Men’s sports shoes It cannot fail to start from the context in which they are dedicated: lo sports. However, if less than a hundred years ago the models available were limited and did not present significant differences based on activity, today it is possible to find versions of sport shoes So sophisticated and customized that a pair of shoes from… to run, for example, are very different from versions designed for indoor physical activity. Therefore, the first step in determining the ideal sports shoes is to analyze the stresses to which the body will be subjected and to find the proposal most capable of guaranteeing support. However, the gym and training, beyond the technical differences, allow you to set any limits to your imagination from an aesthetic point of view: light green, therefore, in bright or more subdued colors, to use it in agreement or in open contrast with the restClothes.

Men’s leisure sports shoes

the Men’s sports shoes They are the perfect shoes for Spare time When you leave the office, you can devote yourself to the activities you are most passionate about. Whether it is a walk in the shops, a dinner at a restaurant with friends or a trip, it is really impossible not to find a model that is able to combine practicality and elegance at every step. However, every shoe rack should have at least one flatter and more discreet version, to be used as a pass-through shoe without having to think too much about the fittings: White sneakersAnd the black And the blue Dark to go with almost everything. Besides these, however, a more specific version may be listed fantasiesAnd the Publications or even alone More whimsical colors So the neutrality of the outfit can be balanced by a point of distinction on the feet.

Sneakers for elegant occasions

As we mentioned at the beginning, and as their history shows, the sport shoes Today is a shoe that has been disinfected to the extent that it can replace Classic shoe And the tighten Even for formal occasions such as weddings, office or company dinner days. In fact, not everyone manages to get comfortable with the more corporate footwear that was once the norm.

Also in this case, you can take two different paths based on your personality: choose clean models in neutral colors, to adapt to your dress; Use sneakers as the focal point of a chic outfit, and play with pop designs and shades. What matters most is not being afraid of daring: any look only works if it has the potential to fully represent its wearer, regardless of the individual elements used.

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