Meningitis, a young woman in intensive care, three family members are under prevention

CHIOGGIA – A young non-Italian woman who lives and works in our area is hospitalized with a diagnosis of meningitis in the intensive care unit ofkeoge hospitalSince last night. Health workers at Ulss 3 Serenissima performed all necessary examinations with subsequent procedures for research and monitoring of contacts. Three family members living together underwent prophylaxis. On the other hand, the Ulss 3 Serenissima Public Health and Hygiene Service has activated the search for potential business contacts, which has already been completed: This morning – explains the director of the Department of Prevention, Vittorio Celli – our workers went to the place where the patient was doing her work, chose people who were considered to be at risk and put them on antibiotic prophylaxis. These are 8 colleagues who agreed to undergo prophylaxis because they worked in contact with the patient for many hours, sharing operating spaces with her. They were not considered at risk, as they worked in completely separate environments, however, a few dozen people were tracked by our health professionals.“.

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