Men and Women, Roberta De Padua Stings Gianni Spiretti: The Digging-In Columnist

Roberta Di Padova looks at Gianni Spirti, a men’s and women’s columnist. That’s what Mrs. Cassino said.

Roberta de Padua She decided to give herself a second chance, by accepting my editor’s invitation men and women To return as an integral part of kindergarten women on the throne. Lady Cassino, disappointed with Alessandro Vicenanza, rejects the courtship of Riccardo Guarnieri and waits for love while continuing to argue with Gianni Sperti. This is revealed by the known critics.

Men and Women, Roberta de Padua talks about Gianni Spirti and …

After dinner At the hotel with Davide Donadeia few days after the break-up of ex-Tronista Men & Women and Kiara Rabbi, Roberta Di Padova is back in the spotlight for the Canale 5 crowd He was invited by the editorial board to participate in the programme. And so, Lady Cassino is back Female kindergarten on the throne And I started dating Alexander proximityuntil the latter realized that it was always him In love with Ida Platano And leave it tottering.

Roberta She did not give up easily, trying to provoke a response from the Neapolitan knight with help Riccardo Guarnieri, who was strongly rejected by the former Antonella Tronista. The two ex-boyfriends went out to dinner together and Kiss, which they both justified by admitting that they are very physically attracted. However, the flashback never happened but their exit was enough to turn them against each other Gianni Sperti, who had been more visibly inclined to Ida for some time. Speaking of the Men and Women columnist, Roberta fired up a dig by admitting that she’d like to give him a special gift for Christmas:

“Now to Gianni, and I’ll give him a stock full of sweets to make him a little better because he’s been naughty with me lately.”

How will he react John read the lady’s words? Robertameanwhile, still on ideas Guarnieri Although standing Dating Gloria Nicoletti And he also had more than one intimate encounter with the Roman lady. How will it end between them? Surely there are all the credentials for the birth of a new, flaming love triangle.

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