Men and women, Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone have already broken up? Clues that point to a crisis

Matthew Ranieri And the Valeria Cardone Are they already separated? It’s a mystery concerning a couple who have just come out of men and women and seem to be victims of a lightning strike who may, in fact, have already run out.

Fans have actually noticed that the two are rarely seen: they live in two different areas but that doesn’t seem to be enough to justify the long distance between them. Moreover, it will be her birthday soon and there will be no: it seems that he will be traveling with his family in the direction United kingdomYou will not be part of the group of vacationers.

Mathieu and Valeria, Reckless: He leaves for England without her

Confirmation of the crisis also comes powerfully through tweeters on Instagram, or from the profile of Dianera Marzano.

Among the rumors about VIPs that the influencer receives from followers and rumored hounds, there are also rumors related to this couple: an unknown person stands out who says: “Dia it’s all right. He left by carriage for England and will be out for the whole month. She has her birthday on Saturday. They’ve been ignoring each other for a while and seen a few times and always if she’s the one on the train.”

The couple’s last official sighting was the one that happened in Como, a few weeks ago: the two were actually going to reach the other couple born in men and women formed by Luca Salatino And the Soraya Allam Cerruti.

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At the moment, the couple neither denies nor confirms: the two have not made any statements, but they expect to see them together again (which, apparently, will not happen soon).

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