Men and women, beloved lady in serious health conditions

Men and women, the famous Lady of the Throne is not feeling well. What is happening? tell you.

Men and Women-

Caring for a lady who is loved by both men and women. The lady did not appear in the last tapes men and women by health problem. Here’s who he is and what’s going on.

Men and women famous lady in serious health conditions

The anxiety of our beloved Lady of the Throne is over. The woman in question did not appear in the last tapes of men and women Because A rather serious health problem. What is happening?

Over the past 25 years, Maria de Filippi He keeps Italian viewers company with his viewers Living room of feelings. Young and old reach the court of a wife Maurizio Costanzo to find love.

The luckiest one leaves the studio madly in love, these are less beautiful cupidThey keep hanging around waiting for the man or woman to come into their lives and take them away from them Mediaset studies.

Men and women on the throne
Some of the former ladies and ladies on the throne over men and women

In the last few hours, Something unexpected happened to a very beloved lady of the well-known Marianne transition. woman Serious health problems Recordings cannot be shared. That’s what it is.

Here is the woman whose health conditions cause concern

Fear of men and women. The star of the popular dating show Canal 5 has surrendered Major health problems. Fans were upset and worried about her. Curious to know who we’re talking about?

The lady concerned is Gemma Galgani. According to the previews, Mrs. Turin It did not appear in the last recordings from channel 5 dating show a A rather serious health problem.

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Famous protagonist in the drawing room of Marianne feelings contracted with covid 19. The test result was positive for the smear For this reason, he was unable to participate in the famous Mediaset radio.

while not being Physically present in the studioHowever, the much-talked-about woman has found an effective solution to make no one miss her: the enemy par excellence. Tina Cibulari I called the studio from her houseThus, you participate equally in the episode!

Gemma Galgani
Gemma Galgani for men and women

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As the lady herself said, The situation is manageable and under control. Gemma does not show severe symptoms thanks to the vaccine Which he did a few months ago. However, he is currently in quarantine You will not be able to attend the studio.

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