Memphis: places to visit in the city

The main cultural and economic center of Tennessee And throughout the mid-south, Memphis It was – and still is today – one of the most important cities in the southern United States: culturally vibrant and capable of inspiring some of the most beautiful songs of all time, Rock and Roll Musicwas launched Elvis Presley He has fought some of the toughest struggles for recognition civil rights to the African American community. Therefore, visiting it means going to investigate some of the key historical intersections that led the nations to be what they are today.

Bell Street

Bell Street It is the method that contains all the essence Memphis, Famous About the bright signs for its stores. Therefore, a city tour cannot fail to start from here: this is what you are looking for Souvenir or a good idea Resturant Where you go for dinner, this street always knows how to exceed expectations. for lovers live musicSo, the choice is really wide: Rum Buji Caféfor example, but also BB King’s Blues Club or home handy toilet.


Another symbol for Memphis It is undoubtedly Mississippi: The largest river in the United States, in fact, crosses it from one end to the other and is responsible for the friendly nickname river city He was known by the residents and fans. Navigating its waters, you can devote yourself to slowing down Cruises or for intensive courses of boats; On the other hand, the beaches are the perfect place to find it Refreshments And the Relax After many hours spent in the city streets.

sun studio

Memphis It is also a city Music There are many places where you can immerse yourself in the tunes of some of the most beautiful songs of the past. The Sun Studiofor example, is the place where Elvis Presley And many others have recorded their albums: the recording studio continues to be used in this sense, but it is possible to participate in A tour guide On all days of the week.


stay on topic ElvisMemphis is also home to the house the artist lived in: talking about it GracelandFor years surrounded by all fans of the singer. Here you can visitresidencesalute him Tomb And take a closer look at the wide range of Planes and cars which Presley took care of his whole life.

Neon signs on Bell Street, Memphis

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Visit Gibson Factory

Once again focused on music, a visit to Gibson Factory Allows you to see closely how the factory produces them electric guitars the best in the world. After a few exhibition rooms illustrating its history, in fact, the individual passages through which the company brings to life sixty examples of stringed instruments are explained each day.

Dinner at Rendezvous

Restaurant Randy Foo From Charles Fergus It is a real city institution: it opened in 1948before me Barbecue Ace is in the hole and it is not uncommon to meet celebrities at his tables. The place is mentioned in many novels, and it is always mentioned in the movies Memphis She has at least one scene recorded in her halls. However, booking a table is quite complicated: due to the popularity, the queue is often endless.

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National Civil Rights Museum

In addition to plenty of entertainment, Memphis is also able to provide interesting insight into African Americans’ struggle for civil rights recognition. The National Civil Rights MuseumIn fact, she reconstructs all the most important moments of this battle and performs them in an exciting and meaningful setting: Lorraine Motel in which he was killed in 1968 Martin Luther King.

Pink Palace Museum

Another must-see museum on a trip – or stopover – in Memphis is Pink Palace Museum: part of Ministry of Health and Safety (Museum of Science and HistoryBased in the halls of a massive pink brick building, the institution brings together an endless series of exhibits that trace the history of the city and, more generally, the entire region.

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