Memory Project, teaser trailer of the amateur remake with Unreal Engine –

Final Fantasy 9: Project Memoria It’s ambitious Fan-made remake Created by a group of professional developers and artists who aim to reimagine the ninth chapter of the series with modern graphics. In the player above you will find the first Trailer teaser.

Work on the Memoria project started in March 2021 and is currently underway 28 people. Leading the project is Dan Eder, who is also the 3D character artist for MultiVersus, the new fighting game announced by Warner Bros. Games a few days ago. In short, it is indeed an amateur project, but it is being carried out by professionals in this sector.

The developers’ goal is to make a remake of Final Fantasy 9 for today’s devices, at the same time hoping to convince Square Enix itself to make one. Unfortunately, the project will not be available in an operable form, which is understandable given the potential legal complications.

As you can see from the video, the level of quality and attention to detail is really high. Dan Eder says the current goal is to make an explorable version of Alexandria, but the team is ambitious and wants to do some cinematic and combat sequences as well.

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