Melpignano, Friday August 11, guest stars New York Ska-Jazz at Six Festival of Coolclub Opening Opened by Goran Bregović

Melpignano (pound) – Music ranging from ska to reggae, from dancehall to rocksteady: Friday August 11th at Melpignano, SEI’s 17th Edition, Salento Festival conceived, produced and promoted by Coolclub, hosted by the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble. The unmistakable sound of the American band, born in 1994 and led by the upbeat music legend Fred “Rocksteady” Reiter, will in fact open the long-awaited concert of Goran Bregović, who after 11 years of experience as concert director for the Night of the Night of Taranta returns to the stage griko municipality with wedding and funeral band (pre-sale active on Dice and TicketOne). The New York Ska-Jazz band, in Italy for three summer dates (also in Sulmona and Bologna), arrives in Salento for the first time to propose historical pieces from their repertoire and songs from their latest albums “Break Thru” (2019) and “In the Moment” (2022). So, an unmissable evening for SEI Festival which enriches its international program even further having already announced the presence of alternative rock icon Thurston Moore (July 16th – pre-sale active on Dice and TicketOne) and Londoners Shame (July 27th July – pre-sale activity on the dice).

Born in 1994 as a side project of The Toasters, the New York Ska-Jazz band, with the energy and creativity of its musicians led by founder Fred “Rocksteady” Reiter, takes its music on the road in Europe, Canada, the United States and South America, today establishing itself as one of the most popular bands of all time. Contemporary jazz known as ska. On stage are seasoned musicians who have dedicated themselves for years to exploring sounds and music from the most disparate backgrounds. a combination thanks to which, during all the years of activity, they have obtained the favor of the public as well as of the music critics; A group capable of providing unique live entertainment, also distinguished by the power of improvisation, the right mix for a great evening party.

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While waiting for the final program of the festival, the manifesto created by Massimo Pastore on “My Desire” was released on social channels a few days ago. In 1947, the French artist Henri Matisse created, using the paper decoupès technique, Icarus who does not fly towards the sun as in Greek myth but floats in a starry sky and “sings” the joy of life. From this suggestion, the illustrator set about designing the poster for the seventeenth edition. However, this new Icarus is transformed by recalling the great walls and ancient towers of the castles and palaces that each year host concerts and festival appointments.

Designed, produced and promoted by Coolclub, SEI was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Region of Puglia, and the sponsorship of the Municipalities of Lecce, Corigliano d’Otranto, Castro, Castrigiano di Gresi, Melpignano and Puglia Productive District Creative with the support of Vini Garofano and in collaboration with Dice.fm and other public and private entities.


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