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Meloni says he appreciates the UK’s controversial approach to immigration

It is he who provides for the transfer of asylum seekers to Rwanda and the expulsion of all migrants arriving by sea

During an official visit to the UK, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni publicly celebrated the controversial management of migrants arriving by sea from France by Rishi Sunak’s British government, with the support of the Conservative Party. In a short conversation filmed by journalists, Meloni told Sunak, “Your government is doing a great job in combating smugglers and irregular immigration, and I follow your work and I totally agree with your work.”

In fact, Sunak has not done many concrete things so far in managing immigrant affairs. In all likelihood, Meloni is referring to the very tough positions taken by Sunak, which are very similar to those of far-right parties across Europe, and the immigration reform proposed by his government in March, which has yet to be evaluated by Parliament.

Sunak has been widely criticized for proposing immigration reform that could violate many international asylum laws, and he was sentenced Inhumane By associations that deal with immigrants’ rights.

The proposed law would say that anyone entering the UK illegally would be arrested and then deported, either to their home country or to a “safe third country”. For example, in Rwanda, a very poor country in Central Africa with which the UK already signed an agreement in April 2022. The agreement stated that Rwanda would welcome and host some asylum seekers who entered the UK illegally. The deal was disputed With appeal in court and then the transfers were prevented through various interventions by the European Court of Human Rights. Under various international treaties and rules under British law, a person seeking asylum in a country cannot be deported until his or her claim has been thoroughly examined, regardless of how he or she entered that country.

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The Sunak government’s proposal aims above all to hit migrants trying to reach the UK on makeshift boats through the English Channel, the channel between France and the UK, the number of which has increased exponentially in recent years: from 2018 until 2022 from about 300 to more than 45,000 people. About five thousand people will arrive in 2023, but the government expects many more to arrive by the end of the year More than 50 thousand.

For years now the Tories have moved so far to the right on the immigration issue that they have also been pushed by the main right-wing British newspapers, which, just like the Italian ones, have been talking for some time about an uncontrolled ‘invasion’ of immigrants, without set rules.

Since taking power, Meloni’s government has also taken a series of highly restrictive measures against immigration, approving among other things a new code of conduct for NGOs assisting migrants in the Mediterranean. A few days ago, Meloni also announced that the government intends to cancel the so-called special protection, the most widespread residence permit among those granted to asylum seekers in 2022 in Italy.

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