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Meloni: “Italy and the United Kingdom have strong ties and solid partnerships” – photos and videos

Italy and the United Kingdom have traditionally enjoyed strong ties and solid partnerships. The Prime Minister said so Georgia Meloni Speaking from the Italian Embassy in London. We talked about it during the meeting with the Prime Minister SunakThe Prime Minister added that it is a new stage in our relations, and we signed a memorandum of understanding confirming this. The President said that the agro-food sector is one of the focal points of the relationship between Italy and the United Kingdom. “We have great potential that can be further enhanced, and our commercial agencies will support the activity of our ministries of agriculture,” the prime minister added. “Italian food is of high quality and my government wants to support and encourage its expansion into international markets,” he stressed. “Made in Italy is strategic in our economy. “We’ll be able to work together, make a difference: you can count on me,” explained Meloni.

“We are fighting a fight against the counterfeiting of Italian products – Meloni added, who outlined how – counterfeiting costs our producers millions of euros every year.” The Italian agro-food system is solid and growing and the relationship with the UK can help, said the president who sees “cooperation between the public and private sectors, our commercial agencies can favor” strengthening our relations.

“Visit Georgia Meloni “In London, it is a sign of our strong relationship,” said the British Foreign Secretary. James Cleverly. “A few days after the coronation of King Charles III you had the opportunity to visit Westminster Abbey,” explained the minister, speaking of an “incredibly beautiful and symbolic” new building.

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