Meghan Markle What happened on the wedding day: Queen Elizabeth’s imposition

Meghan Markle, What Happened on the Wedding Day: Imposing Queen Elizabeth; The background that not everyone knows.

Meghan Markle, What Happened on the Wedding Day: Imposing Queen Elizabeth; The background that not everyone knows. (Source: Getty Images)

What are the relationships between Meghan Markle And the royal family has never been poetic and has never been a mystery. But not everyone knows some basic information about the actress’s wedding to Prince Harry. It’s been more than three years since the wedding, but only today some unpublished back stories about that special day surfaced. According to reports from The Sun, the Duchess of Sussex could have gotten a real one Crisis a few days before the wedding, Because hats;

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That’s right, the hat Meghan wanted to wear on her wedding day with Harry wasn’t available and would lead to a very strong reaction in the woman. To the extent that you enter Queen Elizabeth. Do you know what he decided? Let’s get acquainted with the details of this strange background.

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Meghan Markle, what happened on the wedding day: Queen Elizabeth has something to do with it

If you think, at the time of the wedding between Harry E. Meghan, The climate inside the royal family was comfortable, I might have been wrong. According to the latest rumors, just before the wedding, Queen Elizabeth was going to lose her temper because of the young Markle. Reason? Women’s overreaction to news Not being able to wear the hat she wished for at the wedding. According to what we read in “Meghan: The Princess of Hollywood,” written by Andrew Morton, the Queen would have been really angry with Markle, so much so that she told Harry of her decision: “You will wear the headdress that I will decide.”

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Oh yes, a real imposition of Queen Elizabeth, who thus wanted to put an end to Markle’s “whims”. And you, do you know this background about the royal wedding? Remember that Harry and Meghan married on May 19, 2018, at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, in the United Kingdom.

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