Meghan Markle trademark Archetypes 500 years late

Next summer, Meghan Markle will create a series of podcasts that will be broadcast on Spotify. the topic? The birth of linguistic stereotypes about women. In this regard, the Duchess put her hands forward, asking for the trademark to be registered for the project … (Image: GETTY)

to Meghan Markle Want to register trademarks, no doubt. His constant rush to file new trademarks could not be explained otherwise.

He’s done this in the past with Sussex Royal, But then, I realized that, leaving the court, it would have been impossible to exploit a term associated with the royal family. Then he did it again with Archwell, a new name for the foundation created with Prince Harry and inspired by the name of the eldest son. Now try again with models.

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Meghan Markle and the new podcast about language stereotypes

Briss: Last March, Meghan Markle, surprisingly, announced a new collaboration with her spotify. It looks, in fact, that the Duchess of Cambridge will be back on the scene next summer with a new series of podcasts created in collaboration with the Swedish giant.

project name? models, a word that itself contains a reference to little “Archie”, the former actress’s son, and to the term “archetypes”, the English equivalent of Italian “archetypes”. A Non-Random Choice: In the middle of the podcast, in fact, there will be language stereotypes about women and their origin. Archetypes, in fact.

Original models, brand new for the Duchess

It now turns out, however, that Markle has applied toUnited States Patent and Trademark Office, last month, to claim the exclusive use of the term “archetypes”. That only her and her husband have the right to make money using this brand. A very old word, among other things. that has its rootsancient greece Which began to be used in England around the middle of the sixteenth century. this means, Five hundred years ago.

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If the Duchess’ bid succeeds, she and Prince Harry will be in a position in the future to fight a legal battle against whomever they want. Take advantage of the brand they own. In detail, for example, “archetypes” cannot be used for entertainment services, in particular podcasts, audio-visual web series, multimedia broadcasts and live shows.

Meghan and Harry and the agreement with Spotify

A huge coup for Sussex, even if we first have to see how well the Duchess’s online chats are going. In fact, in the past, Meghan and Harry have already made an agreement with Spotify. In December 2020, to be exact, the two signed an agreement with the Swedish company to create a series of contents for a modest amount of 25 million dollars. However, after the first episode, nothing was done (there are those who say why the program proved to be a failure, and who claim that it was the Sussexes who raised concerns about the podcast being published without fax on the platform).

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on stage in New York on September 25, 2021. Photo AP

Now Meghan Markle is trying again and getting her hands on more income in the future. Unless it turns out, of course, that everything is a failure. But in this case, we’re sure Ducheesa already has another brand ready to try again

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