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Megan Markle ignores in the United States: “humiliated on the most important day” | It’s about Kate Middleton

What happened between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton and why is there talk of humiliation in the United States? Let’s find out together.

Relations between the Dukes of Cambridge and the Dukes of Sussex now seem irreconcilable. The Prince William And Prince Harry, the children of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana, as well as grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, no longer speak to each other.

In recent weeks, the book by journalist and expert on the royal family, Tom Bowler, entitled Vengeance, has caused an uproar in the United Kingdom. We talk, in particular, about the so-called Megaxet.

Today, the Dukes of Sussex, as we know, live in California, but life away from London will not go according to plan. Collaborates with Royal Family Stands and some missed projects.

Ignore Meghan Markle

Since her return to the United States the popular magazine People Magazine He dedicated many covers and services to Meghan Markle. Several of the Duchess of Sussex’s initiatives have been reported and expanded upon by the magazine. For many, it’s almost a field choice from the magazine, but for a few months, the situation has literally been turned upside down. A few weeks ago, in an entire article we talk about some of the charities of Prince HarryNot only has Carlo’s son been photographed alone, but Meghan Markle is not even mentioned.

A few days ago, then, what in the United States did not hesitate to define humiliation. The cover of People Magazine is dedicated to Kate Middleton – and here we must say – but Above all it was made on the day of Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday. The title reads: The birth of a new queen.

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