Medieval festival along Via Francigena for the opening of Porta del Lazio

A meeting of nature, history and culture, on the border between Lazio and Tuscany, in that strip of Italy inappropriately celebrated as one of the most beautiful. Over 1,500 years pilgrims, religious people, warriors, crusaders, merchants and men of adventure, in modern and contemporary times, by men and women travel in search of peace – external and internal – a deep connection with the environment and with one’s mind and emotions, to discover a region of extraordinary beauty, but also and above all about self.

Hence on Sunday, June 19, the opening ceremony of the so-called Lazio gate, a valuable wooden artifact located directly at the crossing point between the two regions, as a symbol of welcome by the Lazio region for travelers who come from Tuscany along the Via Francigena. “Visible from a distance – Underlined during the day – It will surely be a point of great admiration for the landscapes whose beauty is hard to describe“.

This was confirmed by the Mayor of Prosino, Roberto Pinzi, with the Deputy Mayor, Deborah Gopi, and Pro Loco President, Massimiliano Bello. Also in attendance were the Tourism Adviser of the Municipality of Sorano, Tiziana Peruzzi, and the Adviser of Health and Social Policy of the Municipality of San Lorenzo Nuovo, Valeria Manucci, ideally representing all the Tuscan and Lazio communities, and again Dr. Silvio. Marino, representing the Lazio Region Tourism Administration and the European Association of the French Front.

Finally, in the shadow of the castle of Prosino, the medieval festival, which was also attended by the flag-bearers and the historic procession of the city of Aquapendiente, the historical procession of Castel Otteri, the sternilatore group and dancers Mufus Omar and hundreds of citizens and tourists followed. A multicolored procession with the rolling of drums accompanied by the firing of flags traveled through the medieval streets, ending inside the palace courtyard, open to all for the occasion. An unmissable dinner under the stars organized by Pro Loco of Proceno.

this party – Mayor announced – It represents a return to social contact and coexistence after the severe restrictions caused by the pandemic. Nobody should let their guard down, Covid is still around and every precaution must be taken. But it is also time to resume our tourism profession and to resume all our organizational and cultural energies. Proceno is preparing for a very interesting summer program in which moments of entertainment alternate with a cultural show of the highest level“.

Starting with a rediscovery of the history of Via Francigena and the roads connected to it. Its history goes back to the sixth century and coincides with the history of Europe and the countries it crosses: the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy. In fact, the current route from Canterbury to Santa Maria de Luca stretches for 3,268 kilometres. The description of its stages is traced back to the report written by Sigrik in the year 990, when he traveled there to go to Rome and receive the archipelago pallium from Pope John XV.

Before him, in fact, the way appears in many other documents, but the Bishop of Canterbury is surely the most accurate description dating back which represented a clear trace of all travelers in the following centuries. They all walk, and still do today, along this road that was born in the 6th century for a strategic need to connect the Lombard population. In 1994, Via Francigena was also declared a European Cultural Route, and the procedures for its recognition as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO are currently underway.

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