Medicine exam 2022, registration begins at the university

Medicine Exam 2022

Medicine Exam 2022: Registration begins at the university –
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From the 4th of July until the 22nd of the same month, aspiring new students can register for Medicine Exam 2022 Which will take place across Italy on Tuesday 6 September. Candidates must register for the entrance examination exclusively through the procedure available on the portal the University While the participation fee for the test is paid according to the procedures determined by the university in which the test is being conducted.

Registration for medical exam 2022

To register for Universitaly, candidates must first of all enter their personal data and then the sites they want to compete for, in order of preference. Where is it Medicine Exam 2022 However, this would not be the option indicated as first preference, but due to Covid restrictions, the university closest to the student’s dorm/housing address.

After completing the registration on the UniversityCandidates must go ahead with the registration and pay the tuition fee of the university where the exam is to be taken. To complete the registration, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the notice of the university in which you will work Medicine Exam 2022.

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