Medicine at Unical in Rende, turning point. “Better healthcare at kilometer 0”

The diaphragm dropped by Coruc will leave an epic imprint and develop the blueprint of hope for a better health system, built at kilometer zero, completed attributes under a health system to be revived. President of Unical University Nicholas Lyon, also defines the social sense in the academic revolution that has just begun: «The course of medicine in our university will be revitalized with additional places that will add to those already foreseen in Catanzaro. There will be no reductions in current medical courses. However, there will be more opportunities for young Calabrians who will be able to study in their area. An economic advantage for the families themselves. Then, it’s a matter of numbers: Calabria is last in the relationship between medical centers and resident population. Unical intends to partner medical professors and researchers with the Regional Health System and the Central Hospital “Annunziata”. From January, eleven doctors, including professors and researchers, will enter service at Annunziata. Recruitment paid in full by the university, with benefits for the whole province.
Therefore, it is not seduction, but flight. Journey is the result of patience. The first one who thought it was the prof Sebastiano is gone Whoever launched this idea at the end of the nineties, which seemed very ambitious, because it collided with the prevailing belief at the time. This project, in almost a quarter of a century, the remains have been exhumed and buried many times and each time they try to give a different name always to the ideal to keep it alive. Thus the College of Pharmacy was born, which in a few years became a beacon in research with teachers and equipment that actually interacted with the local health system. surgeon Bruno NardoFor example, the famous scalpel operating in Cosenza prepares its most accurate operations (in April it removed a 7.5-kilogram tumor from a woman’s abdomen) by simulating each step on the three-dimensional anatomical table of the pharmacy department.
On the other hand, two years ago, Unical gave birth to the idea of ​​digital medicine and technology pole that arose in the midst of the inter-university agreement with the “Magna Grecia” University of Catanzaro. Implementation will take place before the completion of listing your request. From next year, UNICAL will have full academic autonomy over the course.

Read the full article in the paper version of Gazzetta del Sud – Cosenza

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