Medicine, 61-year-old bulls attack: son kills one with gunshots

Pit bull stopped after Labris attack

They entered someone else’s property, perhaps they were attracted to the chicken coop. Two pit bulls attacked a 61-year-old man on the morning of July 23 In the land he owns in Villafontana de Medicina, in the Bologna region. The man was attacked by the two dogs and bitten in the calf and cheek, resulting in lacerated bruises for an initial prognosis of 15 days.

The victim’s son killed a dog

Frightened by the animals’ attack, he began screaming for help and drew the attention of his 28-year-old son, who would enter the house and regularly take a holding rifle. The young man opened fire from gunfire, fatally wounding one of them and causing the other to fleeallowing treatment for the hospitalized parent who received a two-week diagnosis of injuries to his leg and face. To complain for being the mistress of the bulls, To kill one of his dogs and because of dangerous explosions. She, 25, is now also risking an investigation for her failure to control the two dogs.

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