Medici no vax, order numbers: only 1878 can return to hospitals. Bassetti: “Norma is a slap in the face”

The vaccination obligation expired last June and lasted until December for health workers. We have decided to bring the end of the commitment to November 1 and this allows us to recover 4 thousand people Now stuck in the system Prime Minister Georgia Meloni He explained at the press conference held after the Cabinet, the reason for the measure taken by his government that led to the reintegration of backward doctors into hospitals: It is not a health problem, but a staff problem to be solved. However, figures from the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists (Phnomsi) , And also scramble The government’s decision denies the data cited by Prime Minister Meloni: They are really only 1878 Doctors who may readmitted In fact In service after the decree-law. In fact, out of a total of 4 thousand commentators, there are more than 400 Dentists And among the doctors 47% are over 68 years old He is outside the National Health Service. So it appears that the practical effect of this rule is nothing more than an analgesic for the hospital system. While in the meantime criticism of the government, even by those who love it, has not subsided Matteo Bassetti It has always been considered close to the center-right, so much so that it has also been considered possible Minister of Health during the election campaign. to the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa “to say that everything that has been done in the past, including vaccination campaign Who was also the pioneer in our country ideological And unscientific is wrong. He is above everything slap in the face 95% of Italian citizens and 99.3% of vaccinated doctors have faith in them Benefits“.

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for Filippo AgnelliFnomceo National President, “Returning unvaccinated doctors to work at this time This is not dangerous“The base worked well during the emergency – confirms Aneli – we had an average. 80 deaths per month, this law Stop. But now the epidemiological situation allows Back to normal. Masks and caution will remain.” However, the expiration of the vaccination obligation for doctors will not solve the staffing problems in hospitals: As of October 31, Fnomceo notes, there were 4,004 doctors and dentists suspended, meaning that 0.85% From 473,592 members. who are they, 3543 Doctors ( 0.82% Of a total of 434,577) 461 dentists and 325 dual members, who, for the vast majority, work as dentists. However, we will see the age of the arrested, just under half, and specifically 47% of the 3543 doctors, i.e. 1665they have Over 68 years old It is for this reason that they are outside the National Health Service. of the rest 1878among other things, “the perception is that most of them Free professionals, but we do not have reliable data on this, comments Filippo Agnelli. “What we can say is that the orders came right away Appropriate for the new provisions. We therefore thank all the superiors and employees for the work they have done in recent months and continue to do to comply with the law,” concludes the Fnomceo President.

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also Perino de SilverioNational Secretary of trade union He is a senior physician in the National Health Service me and Supposedlyin an interview with daily fact He confirms that the procedure does not really affect the serious shortage of health workers. “I no more than 500 The hospital doctors Hanging – sets – they say 3400, but most are for their private accountdentists and general practitioners. was missing 15,000 hospitals because I am Pay a littlethey work poorly and come attack They were dragged to court: the solution might be to bring 4-500 taboos over sixty? De Silverio also highlights another aspect: If the Minister of Health Horace shilachi “I talked to LE before social partners We would have handled it better Telecommunications, all. This chaos was never going to break out. This is how the population is divided.”

Most of the criticism leveled at the experts also focused on the message sent by the government deciding to reintegrate unsafe sanitary ware. In an interview with printing Matteo Bassetti He says, “This is revenge By No Vax: Movement unscientific Whoever calmed down, will now have the tools to say it He was right To warn about vaccinations. This is not how scientific issues are being addressed, not by saying that there has been an “ideological” approach to managing Covid that draws the line for the future.” Bassetti “The gods are committed Errors and will be wise Analyze it To learn the lesson for the future, but to talk about an ideological approach to the vaccination campaign or about the duty to vaccinate health professionals to deny the evidence“.It is a serious statement. I respect the new Minister of Health and I think he is the first to be embarrassed For that sentence be he,” he concludes.

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The virologist is of the same opinion Fabrizio Brigliasco: “It’s interference Science, identification. It has no particular effect, because in the end it is one effect small percentage Of the operators, but we are sorry that it was adopted suddenly results in a file negative effect on me vaccinations. aspect of Doubt Also by institutions on the value of vaccination. Actually it’s kind of revisionism On the past,” he explains in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Doubt also arises from the immunologist Mauro MinelliResponsible for Southern Italy for the Foundation for Personalized Medicine: “Generation of the Willing New graduates in medical or nursing sciences that open their doors to their desirable careers what he thought? What is a file message What got them? ‘, he asks, speaking toHealth Adnkronos. According to the immunologist, “Science and religion should not be confused because it is not an irrational act of faith. But it cannot be confused with the ideological affiliation of this or that Designation“.

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