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What is the termination of a work visit? When is it required? How is it? We answer this and other questions on this topic in this short article from Global Medical Service.

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Uniform law and mandatory health surveillance

Article 41 of Legislative Decree 81 08 Demonstrates indications for appropriate health monitoring. This activity is performed by a specialist doctor who must perform a series of mandatory medical examinations:

  • Preventive medical examinationit is important to provide adequate judgment to the worker, if the risk assessment requires it, who can then perform his duties and eliminate any risk to his health

  • Periodic medical examinationTo monitor employee health and determine additional safety measures in the event of serious safety risks

  • At the request of the workerIf he feels symptoms related to his job in some way

  • After a long period of absence, which may lead to a deterioration in the health conditions of employees

  • Marking a job change, in order to properly assess the worker’s suitability status

  • In the Termination of the employment relationship, so that workers do not suffer from illnesses, accidents and ailments related to staying in the company.

The above medical examinations do not include confirmation of pregnancy or diagnosis of STDs. The employer (or the National Health Service) bears all, including clinical, biological, and diagnostic investigations aimed at risks that the medical professional considers necessary. They occur in both private companies and public administration subsidiaries.

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The aim of these tests is Monitoring the mental and physical health of employeesin order to intervene in the improvement of safety procedures in the event of diseases, accidents and disturbances related to the tasks performed.

Who should be subject to mandatory health monitoring?

Topics that specialist doctor You must visit at the workplace:

In connection with these roles, the specialist has specific responsibilities: he collaborates with the employer and with the SPP to develop the DVR, performs mandatory health monitoring, compiles health and risk records for each professional figure within the “ organizational chart, delivers to the employer, upon completion of the assignment, the health documents that In his possession and to the worker a copy of the clinical file, he participates in periodic meetings.

Why conduct a medical examination when the employment relationship ends?

in Occupational medicineWhat is the visit when the worker leaves the company? In theory, it’s no longer the employer’s responsibility, so why would you need more testing?

The reason will soon be said: It ensures that the worker is not affected by risks to his safety. A medical examination upon termination of the employment relationship is necessary because it identifies any disturbances that may have arisen due to the duties performed in the company.

The data collected from the medical examination upon termination of the employment relationship is used to understand the actual risks present in the company and to improve prevention and protection in the workplace. Moreover, it helps the worker not to be exposed to illnesses and diseases if his health is already precarious.

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When is the visit necessary after termination of the employment relationship?

Termination of the employment relationship, i.e.Termination of the employment contract, it can happen for various reasons, in addition to the obvious reason for the termination of the contract. It can happen due to spontaneous resignation, in the case of dismissal for a just reason or for a justified reason, due to the unsuitability of a worker who independently decides to change the company.

for justified reason We mean a set of reasons related to the productive activity or organization of work, while a just cause relates to a noticeable lack of fulfillment of contractual obligations, theft, personal injury or damage caused to the worker.

However, in both cases, and in general for all reasons relating to the organization of disciplinary or criminal activity or sphere, There is no obligation to undergo a medical examination to end the relationship.

The visit is actually mandatory only in cases provided for by current legislation, and therefore when workers are in contact with chemical agents, in case of exposure to biological, carcinogenic and mutagenic agents. In addition, a medical examination is required upon termination of work in a particular company when workers have to perform their duties at night, in the case of manual handling of loads, carrying out tasks in conditions of noise, vibrations and uncomfortable microclimate and working at high altitudes, in confined spaces and in contact with effort higher.

When a worker leaves the company’s org chart, the specialist doctor gives the worker one A copy of the medical record and risks, and provides him with the necessary information related to maintaining himself. In accordance with the applicable legislation, The original medical record must be keptaccording to the provisions of Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196And the By the employer, for at least ten yearsunless otherwise stipulated by other provisions.

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What happens if the medical examination is not performed at the end of work?

If the employer does not ask the specialized doctor for a medical examination when he stops working, he is subject to severe penalties such as Fines from 1,000 to 5,000 euros and detention from two to four months.

The reason for this danger lies in the importance of proper health monitoring that must be carried out carefully, and to ensure that the cooperation of the worker in the company has not caused any physical and psychological harm.

It is a form of worker health protection. An employee who experiences accidents, even invisible ones, cannot be dismissed from the workplace and pretended not to be responsible for them.

Therefore, if you want to ensure the quality of the mandatory health monitoring service, in line with Legislative Decree 81 08 and protect the health of employees, please feel free to contact the Global Medical Service. We take care of occupational safety courses in Milan and Melzo, but also of regular medical visits to workers and examinations of all kinds. Contact us for more information.

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