Medical bills and 730, don’t be fooled: this is how much money they have to pay you

For tax deductions on medical expenses, certain rules and limits must be followed. Which one are they? Here is an overview of how to exploit it.

Tax deductions on medical expenses –

When it comes to Tax deductions on medical expensesThere are many people who ask themselves questions about how to get the most out of them and what they are all about. 19% off can be so much fun for everyone Italian citizens.

Tax Deductions on Medical Expenses, Things to Know

The Tax deductions on medical expenses It is based on Article 32 of the Italian Constitution which highlights how the state protects the health of all citizens and society, as well as the individual.

Obviously, protection also depends onfacilitating expenses Especially for people who need special medicines and special health care, to recover part of the expenses incurred.

When tax declarationEvery subject understands that tax deductions can be requested in the medical and welfare fields. These contributions and deductions represent in favor of the citizen who submitted the full acknowledgment of the receipts, Receipts, invoices and documents Medical expenses incurred during the reference year.

These are based on medical visitsMedicines and tests performed to recover part of the amount spent.

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According to Italian law and subject to changes, a citizen will be able to receive a percentage equal to 19% of the claimed amount. It is a facility that should not be underestimated, because a whole series of services has also been carried out in a general manner with the purchase of over-the-counter or prescription medicines provided by the doctor/specialist. Heat treatments, surgeries, and physical therapy are also included.

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The IRS is called to allocate 19% off Irpef regarding health costs incurred in Italy, deducting the ticket already paid by the citizen.

What are the conditions for applying for the medical expenses tax deduction?

There are clearly limits, Rules and requirements Which should be highlighted to apply for tax deductions on medical expenses. The first part that must be emphasized is the lack of personal income tax: the facility cannot be used if the person has a low income and is included in no tax, as well as if the personal income tax to be paid is less than that recovered.

The law also states that there are no ceilings for 19% off on medical expenses. However, it is good to pay attention to the minimum that consists of the discount and is the threshold of 129.11 euros. Only those who exceed this number can recover the famous 19%. Practical example? A person who spends 800 euros on medical expenses, assistance and medicines for the whole year should do so Subtract €129.11. 19% can be applied to the total and redeem the discount.


how to pay order to order Tax deduction for medical expenses?

  • For medicines, cash can also be paid, as well as visits – examinations in the hospital up to medical devices;
  • Trackable payment – Bancomat, credit cards as well as bank transfer – for visits to special facilities.

Taxpayer required Keep all documents The receipts that will be submitted during the tax return.

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