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(ANSA) – MILAN, June 23 – Mediaset’s meeting with Vivendi to confirm peace and vote with parent company Fininvest has agreed to move the parent company’s non-financial headquarters to the Netherlands. All activities remain in Italy, with the “new” parent company being the basis for the group’s international development. The meeting also greenlighted the new board of directors, which is soon expected to confirm Pier Silvio Berlusconi as CEO with Fidel Confalonieri already confirmed as chairman, and to extraordinary earnings of 0.3 per share, which among other things make the French gradual exit from Pescioni.

The new Board of Directors of Biscione, taken from Fininvest’s list with more than 44% of the capital and from the funds, while Vivendi did not submit candidates, consists of Fedele Confalonieri, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Marco Giordani, Gina Nieri, Nicolo Querci, Stefano Sala, Marina Berlusconi, Danilo Pellegrino, Carlo Secchi and Marin Broggi, Alessandra Piccinino and Stefania Bariati, the most important last grandmother, as well as Giulio Galazzi, Costanza Esclabon de Villeneuve and Rafael Capello. The 2020 budget was also approved.

In an exceptional part, the Mediaset meeting approved the proposal to move the company’s registered office to Amsterdam “to be implemented by adopting the legal form of ‘naamloze vennootschap’ governed by Dutch law and a new statute,” explains Biscione in a press release. A total of 81.81% of the share capital participated in the proxy assembly, with 95.57% of the shares voting in favor of the proposal.

Biscione recalls that “after the conversion, the shares of Mediaset will continue to be listed on the Italian stock exchange and the financial headquarters of Mediaset, as well as the central management, will remain in Italy.” (handle).

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