Mediaset Premium launches on Sky from January 2022. So what?

These are the flickering days of pay-TV. First, DAZN stormed the stop to dual user and then postponed to a later date, followed by the news of the Sky Go streaming service with the extension of Plus version functionality for all subscribers. Events that within 48 hours brought attention back to the forefront of pay-TV.

We stay with the lights. Italy today It was reported that 7 channels of the Sky Cinema package that joined the service in 2018. These are the premium networks of the Mediaset group dedicated to TV series (Premium Crime, Stories, Action) and the four channels dedicated to movies (excellent Cinema 1, Cinema 1 + 24, Cinema 2 and Cinema 3). The TV will turn off On January 7, 2022.

There was no renewal between the two parties, so the renewal agreement made last April will expire at the start of the new year.

But why are we talking about off the television? These channels (except Premium Cinema 1 +24) is already in the streaming platform and on demand Mediaset Infinity. That’s why – except for exciting changes – everyone should remain active but only on the web, and therefore accessible from computers, smartphones, and other devices.

As soon as you close the door, you know, the door opens. The sky does not stand idle, and since we had the opportunity to give you some time ago, new horizons open up.

Last August we talked about the arrival of the service Paramount + In 2022. It was announced by the Sky Group that the show will be available in 6 countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The sky will welcome the graphics in how many Paramount + Namely, films, television series and original productions.

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Another new entry ready to flesh out the Sky Show is also NbcUniversal’s streaming service, peacock. He loudly announced in an official statement last July, that Jeff Shell (CEO of NbcUniversal) is promising Sky subscribers “To add amazing value with a premium catalog of NbcUniversal’s best entertainment.”

There are more than 50 million subscribers currently connected to Peacock which, just like Paramount+, will be available not only for Italy, but also for the other countries mentioned above. It will be interesting to see how the offer from the two homes will be combined and exploited.

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