Mediaset España: It’s only one man in charge

Mediaset leaves all power in the hands of Alessandro Salem

El PaisWritten by Rosario J. Gomez, p. 50

mediaset Spain He staged a coup to end the battle for control of the company after announcing the departure of its former CEO, pee Vasilylast October. Since then the media group that owns i channels Telecinco e four, I tested the real Game of Thrones, according to various insiders. The secret battle between the bossAnd Borja Pradogeneral manager, Alexander SalemThe seizure of some areas of power was interrupted this week with the publication of the new organizational chart in which Prado was stripped of most of the powers that the board of directors had granted him in November. Its functions are now limited to institutional representation only, without an executive role. The company is wholly owned by Salem, who has direct responsibility for operations, business management, communications, content, advertising and news. Mediaset took advantage of the subsiding controversies provoked by Sálvame’s end to announce the changes in senior management. After Vasile’s resignation, the group designed a business model to ensure an “orderly and efficient” transition. For 23 years, the Italian leader has concentrated all his forces. He controlled administration, advertising and information. These three areas were distributed to three managing directors (Alessandro Salem, Massimo Mussolino and Stefano Sala), while Borja Prado assumed, from the presidency, “the functions of support and cooperation with the editorial line of the news”, in addition to the executive powers in the areas of external and institutional relations, legal and regulatory affairs and internal audit and regulatory compliance and social responsibility. This graphic has been rendered dynamic. In the new organizational structure, Prado retains the position of President and is directly responsible for corporate relations entrusted to Mario Rodriguez.

In practice, it will have less autonomy than its predecessor, Alexander Echevarria. sources mediaset They even explain that important Rodriguez It will be “supervising” their activity. At the same time, Salem cut short the Prado’s attempts to broadcast the opening line. According to the same sources, they clearly “cut the grass under his feet” by withdrawing his powers in the field of journalism. A decision that was “satisfied” by the editorial board, who feared an ideological shift to the right under the president’s leadership. In fact, Prado was responsible for spreading the idea that he himself would control the news editorially, according to the channel’s journalists, who are now happy to be able to continue working without interference. Associated with Mediaset as a consultant for 17 years, Prado not only maneuvered to influence information programmes. He also tried to bring the communications department into his sphere of influence. However, both sectors now report directly to Salem. at the head of a department communication And Relations external there Sandra FernandezWhile the two journalists who have driven these industries in recent years are still in charge of the news: John Pedro Valentineas the head of to divide NewsAnd Pedro piquerasresponsible for Information Telecinco. Salem He said a month ago in an interview with EL PAÍS that Valentine She is “totally independent” and promises to guarantee her independence. He also confirmed that Prado will be limited mainly to institutional representation. One of Mediaset’s next goals is specifically to enhance the Quattro’s infotainment software. The idea is that it complements those of Telecinco, in different languages ​​and focused on the profiles of its audience. This is a major breakthrough. Since its inception, Quattro has seen a gradual decline in its news programming, eventually reducing its newscasts to weekends. Traditionally, news governance has not been a priority in Mediaset España’s business model. When Vasile took over the group in 1999, Grupo Correo (now Vocento) was a Telecinco shareholder. By agreement of the two parties, Goryeo was responsible for the editorial line.
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