Mediaset, Board of Directors Confirms Leaders: Confalonieri President, Pier Silvio Berlusconi Vice President and CEO

Then the board evaluated independence of its directors In accordance with Article 147 III of the Uniform Finance Law and the Corporate Governance Law, on the basis of the information provided by the interested parties and the information available to the company.

The Biscione board of directors has also created internal committees that “favor the rotation of directors, compared to the previous three years, whose participation on the committees has been confirmed and the chairperson of the related parties committee appoints a director appointed by minorities,” explains a note from Mediaset. The Oversight, Risk and Sustainability Committee composed of directors Alessandra Piccinino (Chair), Rafael Capello and Carlo Secchi; Remuneration Committee made up of Directors: Stefania Bariati (Chairman), Marina Bruggi and Carlo Secchi; Governance and Nominations Committee, made up of Directors: Marina Bruggi (Chairman), Giulio Galazzi and Stefania Bariati; Related Parties Committee, made up of Directors: Costanza Islabon de Villeneuve (Chairman), Marina Proggi and Alessandra Piccinino.

Mediaset: Advertising grew 31% in the first six months – In the first six months of the year, Mediaset recorded a growth in total advertising revenue of about 31.5%, compared to the same period in 2020. This is what is analyzed by the Biscione board of directors today. “The second quarter of the year – says Mediaset – actually ‘performed’ above the start of the year forecast, with growth of more than 65% compared to the second quarter of 2020. In particular, it should be noted that in the first half of 2021, Publitalia 80 TV ad sales are back at 2019 levels, highlighting the editorial power of Mediaset content,” concludes Biscione.

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