McDonald’s honors Queen Elizabeth: UK restaurants will be closed during the funeral

In the UK, McDonald’s decided to honor Queen Elizabeth’s memory by keeping its restaurants closed during the funeral.

also McDonald’s decided to Honoring Queen Elizabethbut it does it its own way: the fast food chain, in fact, announced it He will close his restaurants in the UK During His Majesty’s funeral.

The announcement was made on social media, starting with Twitter. Here McDonald’s UK has warned its customers that all English restaurants will be closed on Monday 19 September 2022 until 5 pm to allow everyone to honor the King during Funeral.


In the same ad, McDonald’s warned that Opening hours and service real can be subject to changes even after 5pm, which is why the chain requires you to keep the app under control to check for changes in time before you travel to a particular restaurant.

These are the words of the ad: “In honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and to enable everyone at McDonald’s to show their respect, our restaurants across the UK will be closed from midnight to 5pm on Monday 19 September.”. This way, even McDonald’s employees who want to go to the funeral will be free to do so.

However, the reason for the different subsequent hours of operation is likely due to the fact that probably not all employees who attended the funeral in London will be able to return to their workplace in time.

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This is the tweet in which McDonald’s warned everyone about Temporary shutdown:


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