McDonald’s: Environmentalists block UK distribution centers

a group of protesters Environmentalists banned four distribution centers مراكز from the series McDonald’s in the UK, to claim that the format is converted to a completely vegan key.

“We believe the pressure on one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world, responsible for significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, could have an impact,” Alex Lockwood, a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, one of the associations responsible, told CNN. about protest.

The protesters called on the multinational fast food company to switch to a plant-based diet “to stop the climate crisis and end animal suffering,” a statement issued to the British press said.

Activists plan to close distribution centers for at least 24 hours, and possibly as long as 48 hours, causing few problems for Britain’s McDonald’s supply system. According to the activist group, the blockade will affect about 1,300 restaurants and 3.5 million customers.

“We want to highlight the hypocrisy of McDonald’s sustainability measures and how they claim to have emissions reduction goals by pretending not to know how unrealistic they are based on the menus they keep providing,” one animal volunteer told CNN.

[Fonte: CNN]

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