Mazzetti in the European Union, Francesco Giorgi admitted: He was the one who managed the money of Qatar and Morocco. And calls for the release of Eva Kylie

It was he, along with the former Article 1 MEP and Democrat, Antonio Panzirito manage cash since then Morocco And from Qatar They were redistributed among the representatives of the European Parliament, parliamentary assistants and other figures capable of influencing voices and behavior within the institutions of Brussels. Francesco Giorgiformer Panzeri assistant and now in the MEP’s office Andrew Cozzolino (Pd), he admitted this after a long cross-examination with the Belgian judges they have Confirmed arrest to him and his former boss, as well as to his partner and former vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kyliewho asked and received adjournment of the session Upon release from December 22nd.

Based on the reports le braceletGiorgi admitted to investigators that he was part of an organization used by Morocco and Qatar for the purpose of interfering and influencing European affairs. His role was to manage the funds, even if the information circulated yesterday indicated that Giorgi indicated that there were two NGOs involved, Fight impunity And the There is no peace without justicesuch as useful entities a “money transfer”.

According to what the newspaper wrote, Giorgi also indicated that he was suspected of this Andrew Cozzolino And the Mark Tarabellaboth MEPs from the group S&DThey took the money through Antonio Panziri. Morocco is involved in the suspected corruption case through the foreign intelligence service Dged. And as written exclusively by occurring every dayAnd Panzeri, Cozzolino and Giorgi were in contact with Dged and Abdul Rahim AtmonAmbassador of Morocco in Poland.

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