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A real nightmare has been reported for many account holders who have seen fees amounting to €290 billion. Here’s what happened.

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From bills to various daily needs, there are many times when we find ourselves having to put our hands in the wallet to pay for the various goods and services that matter to us. A clear demonstration of how MoneyAlthough it does not guarantee happiness, it helps in solving many problems. So it is not surprising that many decide that Leave more and more money in the checking account, so that you always have the money to draw when needed.

But what do you think if one day, by opening your account, instead of your money, you find a file Minus sign, with a single digit advance followed by many zeros? Unfortunately, this has happened to many clients Banka INGwhich found itself having to deal with fees amounting to 290 billion euros. Here’s what happened.

Ing, a nightmare for many account holders: Maxi charges up to 290 billion euros for a technical error

after a decision Ing Italia which since July has closed all ATMs and automated payment terminals The well-known banking group, located in our territory, has recently become the center of attention due to a technical error that certainly did not go unnoticed. In fact, many customers have found themselves having to deal with Terrible accusations, for amounts ranging From 230 to 290 billion euros.

Amounts are not total, but they affected each individual user. It seems that the error involved those who activated SMS Alert Service. Many users complained on social networks about what happened. In addition to the fear that one would suddenly find themselves with monstrous charges, in fact, this situation caused me to Banning accounts affected, which inevitably causes inconvenience.

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However, the issue is resolved, as the bank wishes to reassure customers by writing: “for every Technical error, SMS alert service fee Which you may have seen yesterday had a few zeros, so your balance was negative. We apologize for the inconvenience. This anomaly was resolved by our technicians within a few hours and everything was back in place!“.

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