Maximum attention, avoid consuming these eggs: high risk of salmonella

Withdraw food for batches of eggs infected with a salmonella rash. The risk of poisoning is high: do not consume it at all. Here it is polluted.

Covap egg food recall (Photo CheCucino)

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food alert regarding an egg. To report the recall, the Ministry of Health specifies all the details of products that should not be consumed.

This is the danger of having Intestinal salmonella. to be contaminated is Fresh eggs L and XL from the brand kopav.

The company that produces the eggs in question is Avimarche and is based in the factory located at Via Barocco 14, in Ostra Vetere (Ancona).

Affected parts and expiration dates

distance Sample check On the feces of laying hens, conducted by ASUR Area Vasta 2, bacteria were found and the signal that led to the recall was triggered.

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Covap eggs subject to recall is The And the XL Sold in packs of 6 It relates to the following things:

  • 22420634AVI – 14/11/2022
  • 22420650Avi – 22/11/16
  • 22420655AVI – 11/17/22
  • 22430669AVI – 23/11/22
  • 22440674AVI – 11/27/22

The manufacturer addresses consumers by recommending, in the event that they purchase packages of contaminated eggs, a Do not consume the product and return the parcel in his possession to the point of sale from which it was purchased.

Salmonella: What is it and what are its causes?

Salmonella enteritis is a Gram-negative bacteria It causes salmonellosis which manifests itself with the characteristics of aPoisoning with symptoms such as Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

Symptoms usually occur about 12-36 hours after eating foods in which the bacteria are present and the course of the disease lasts about a week. In people who are weak or have compromised immune systems, it can develop into a form that requires hospitalization.

Foods are generally at risk of contamination by these bacteria afterwards Raw or undercooked eggs and products egg derivatives I am the Raw milk and its derivatives Based on raw milk, but also Undercooked meat.

food support eggs
Eggs (Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels)

It can also relate to fruit and the vegetablesEspecially melons, tomatoes, seed sprouts, melons, lettuce, apple juice and orange juice, which are contaminated during cutting.

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