Maximum alert to those who receive these messages because they may block our WhatsApp account and steal our data

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in Italy and the world, and for this reason, it is also often the scene of scams and scams. In fact, there are many victims who are being scammed every day by hackers and criminals who have become more and more skilled over time.

After a special scam finti Green Pass and private fraud False notifications of lost parcelsAnother phenomenon is about to plague WhatsApp users.

In fact, maximum alert to those who receive these messages because they may block our WhatsApp account and steal our data

As happened last New Year 2020, this year many people are already receiving somewhat suspicious messages on WhatsApp.
In practice these hackers, pretending to be our acquaintances with a lot of profile pictures, start the conversation by sending happy holidays. Then, they turned as if they were asking for urgent service, and tried to carry out the famous “6-digit code” scam.

Basically, using another number, these criminals claim that they sent a 6-digit code to our number by mistake. At this point, they ask them to send the above-mentioned code to unlock their phone.

In fact, the 6-digit code that WhatsApp sends us is real and refers exclusively to our account. So, once the above-mentioned code is sent to the hacker, he can enter it in his device and get into our WhatsApp in a few seconds. From this moment on, we ourselves will permanently lose control of our account, while the hacker will have access to all our data.
In fact, he will be able to read and download all our conversations, see contacts and spy on multimedia and text contents. Thus, it is also likely to view and download our photos and videos, as well as other passwords and codes.

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How do you defend yourself in these situations?

So, we just saw that this year also, there is a maximum alert for those who receive these messages as they may block our WhatsApp account and steal our data.
In the event that we fall into this trap, the thing to do right away is to uninstall the application from our smartphone.
By doing this, we will lose all our data, but at least we will not give the hacker much time to steal our account. Second: It is necessary to communicate with the competent authorities. Reports What happened and, if necessary, file a complaint.


Be careful because WhatsApp will ban the accounts of those who commit these three nonsense

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