Mauro Fioretti, the doctor discussing his fourth testimony at the age of 66. But the daughter expels him in surprise.

Oderzo – He is about to discuss his fourth degree thesis. A passion for knowledge, a curiosity in wanting to understand beyond appearance and an awareness that learning is getting better pushed an Oderzo doctor to become a doctor again. Not the love for titles or the ambition to hit whoever knows the records they have pushed Mauro Fioretti, 66 years oldTo undertake this journey of books, study, exams, and even sacrifices. It is another thing, but it is beyond that. One thing is for sure, there is no desire to fill in the gaps, because in the life of this doctor there is already a lot: a working day in the clinic and at home, his wife Nadia and his three children Alessandro, Elisa and Michela and now also a three-year-old nephew. Of course, the boys are now adults and graduates, the eldest son in economics and the two girls in pharmacy, but when they were a younger father, Mauro sat next to them on Sundays, both of whom were attending their university exams.
The surprise

“I have wondered many times why you study so much, why you come from a regular family and so I think that drive is really all he has,” says Michela, 25, the youngest of the three siblings who want to reward her father with a surprise. An article in the fourth-degree newspaper, in this case in food science, that will be discussed at the University of Florence next month. A title preceded by, on a trip back, a theology degree in 2016 obtained in Treviso, then in philosophy in 2012 at the University of Ferrara, and finally, actually in the beginning, a medical degree at the University of Padua in 1979.
“My father goes in search of those things that he cannot understand, and he aspires to knowledge that is not immediate, and he wants to understand a different idea, and above all I think that he would like to be an example for us children,” says Michella, who wants to tell this intimate and family story that love Parents to study is not only a model for them, but also for others. Of course he knows that announcing all of this will make his father feel embarrassed. “He is a conservative person, and does not like to show off and show off what he does – he explains his daughter – I do not want to sound like a man who does unusual things. He is a simple soul, attentive to others, with a great desire for knowledge and an unlimited curiosity to please.” Curiosity and openness to new things that distinguish him in everything, even in his spare time and on trips with the family. “Everywhere we went – he says – even when we were younger, he was always trying to discover everything the place had to offer.” If there is a motto of Dr. Fioretti, it is: “You will never stop knowing.” In this he is supported by his wife who supports his own hobby and from the children who are proud of him.
the future

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Since knowledge is infinite, Dr. Fioretti’s adventure does not stop at manuscript four. He hasn’t told his family yet what he wants to do in the future. For now, he will relax a little because preparing the thesis was difficult, but then there will be some other challenges waiting for him. “I know he already has something on his mind – his daughter says – he hasn’t revealed anything to us yet, he just said he’s getting information.” So, new ideas and new energies to start an unprecedented journey into the knowledge maze. Because after he has conducted the human body with its medical studies, ancient and modern thought through philosophical explanations and explored what is mysterious through theology, he will surely find exciting areas to satisfy his infinite desire to nourish the mind. But in the midst of such ingenuity and determination, one thing will surprise him: his daughter’s unexpected idea of ​​making her story public so as to lead by example. In the series, it’s never too late.
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