Matt Potty’s Xbox updates are “very encouraging” –

In a new interview with Skill Up’s “Friends Per Second” podcast, President of Xbox Game Studios loot died talk about Playground work on Fable He said what he saw from the game wasvery encouraging“.

“Playground makes racing games, but if we break down that concept a bit, I think what Playground does is top craftsmanship, high quality and extreme attention to detail. A passion for intellectual property And I think they’ve also shown that they understand what the heart and soul of Fable is and how they can move forward for today’s sensibility. [Sanno come] Make a modern version of Fable.”

He then goes on to say, “There are things I wish I could share and show, because some of the things I’ve seen are so very encouraging. Sometimes there is a risk that an RPG team will not do a racing game or vice versa. You don’t want a team shooter to play a building game for kids. Problems can be created.”

“But [Playground ha] a large technology baseHe has a passion for intellectual property and has demonstrated a strong commitment to craftsmanship and quality. […] During the first few analyzes, I admitted a bit of doubt, and said, “It seems to me we’re touching a bit,” but they have since silenced the doubts. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Additionally, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer, Eidos Montreal is helping Playground Games develop Fable.

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