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12.55 The match between the 19-year-old Italian and the Austrian tennis player will likely start after 13.30.

12.50 The challenge between Correa and Melman continues and they are still at 1-1 in the second set. The start of the match between Musetti and Novak is still postponed.

12.06 The match will likely start no later than 13.00 as the challenge between Coria and Millman is currently 5-4 in favor of the Australian in the first set.

12.03 Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of the match Lorenzo Musetti and Denis Novak.

Musetti-Novak Program

Hello and welcome again to the live broadcast of the match between Lorenzo Musetti and Denis Novak, The first challengeATP 250 from Cagliari. Blue after tapping Miami Again on clay, perhaps the most suitable surface for him, in a match that promises to be very tough against the Austrian. Blue begins only based on what he has shown in the United States as underdogs but before him he will find a strong and experienced opponent.

The 19-year-old Carrara native came from a golden era, in the last 10 matches in the fast he lost only with Stefanos Tsetsipas In the semi-finals of the ATP 500 in Acapulco and against Marin Celich In the third round of 1000 Masters in Miami. The blue from this week is ranked 90th in the ATP ranking and definitely aims to go up as quickly as possible, given the talented crystalline talent.

The situation is completely different with regard to Novak That after the third round in Montpellier he was eliminated in his first appearances in Marseille and Dubai. There is no precedent among tennis players either based on the fact that this is so Mossetti It was fixed in the main circuit for a very short time.

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OA Sport brings you a live broadcast of the match between Lorenzo Musetti and Dennis Novak, a valid Cagliari ATP 250 debut challenge with real-time news and constant updates. The second match is scheduled to take place daily, starting at 11 am at the central stadium. The live broadcast will start shortly after 12.00. Enjoy!

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