Massive advertisement for motorists: “Soon it will be removed from all cars”

There’s bad news for all motorists: something is about to be removed from cars forever. what is he talking about

While we know for sure that the automotive sector will develop more and more, we also have to accept the fact that many obsolete elements will be removed. A good example is the window lowering handle, which has now been definitively replaced by a technical button that takes over doing so electronically.

Radios will be removed from cars
There won’t be this element in cars anymore –

The same applies to air conditioning, which is now regulated in completely different ways. In short, some things have changed drastically over the years and continue to change in light of the arrival of new technologies. However, sometimes it is decided to remove something just because of a technical problem, any problem that may occur.

They will no longer be integrated into future cars: the reason for choosing this tool

FM and AM radio will be removed from here soon. This is not a possibility, but a certainty. Many companies have already made that decision and don’t seem to want to go back at the moment. Let’s see why.

Radios will be removed from cars
The disappearance of radios seems a very likely case –

According to the auto manufacturers, it is possible Electromagnetic interference from FM and AM radios causes electric motors to malfunction, not allowing them to fully function. This, as you might guess, has become more than a good reason for concern, forcing automakers to make this decision, which may be hasty, but reasonable. On the other hand, it is also calculated to prevent accidents or other disastrous situations.

Some have been more than supportive of the idea of ​​removing FM and AM radio, but others argue that it could be harmful since the main warnings alert to potential weather. It is broadcast on radios. Of course, this is a circumstance that won’t happen often, but in the US the topic has become popular and it doesn’t seem to have taken a good turn. Let’s just hope companies like Tesla or Volvo, for example, know what to do.

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