Massimo D’Alema consulting makes less money. Now the former political leader is throwing himself into the real estate business

Massimo D’Alema transformed his consulting firm, DL&M Consultant, which he had opened after leaving active political life and which had caused him some legal trouble by mediating the sale of Fincantieri and Leonardo to the Government of Colombia. The company continues to provide advisory services, but Article 3 of the Articles of Association has been amended to also allow the acquisition of shares and the real estate business.

The 2022 financial statements of D’Alema’s DL&M advisor closed with a profit of €393,807, down from €581,697 in the previous year. Turnover also fell from just over a million to 820,881 euros, of which 24 euros were made in Switzerland. The real estate business hasn’t started yet, while there was a first takeover with the new mission of the holding company. But everything happened at home.

In fact, the DL&M consultant became a minority shareholder in the agricultural company La Madeleine SS, which produces D’Alema wines. For 740 thousand euros, 30% of the capital was in fact acquired by the SCSp Glass Investment Fund Secretariat which entered the launch phase of the agricultural company. Now all the capital is in the family, given that the other shareholders are his wife Linda Gioffa and their children Giulia and Francesco D’Alema. However, Mrs. Linda was no longer at the helm of the liquor department, who resigned, entrusting the position of managing partner to her daughter, Julia, born in 1986.

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