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After Gob Brescia dismissed the civil suit brought by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the possible new trial of the massacre that took place in Brescia’s Piazza della Loggia on May 28, 1974, the Avocatura dello Stato appealed in the case of cassation. against such a manifestly unnatural measure.” Palazzo Chigi makes it known in a note.

“Brescia Gup’s decision to reject the constitution of the civil party proposed by the Attorney General of the Presidency of the Council is surprising for two reasons: 1. The Gup had not informed the Government of the hearing before today and this would have made the Constitution impossible. The Presidency of the Council had instructed the State Attorney General’s Office to apply for referral with conditions It was approved by Job himself. Why would he have accepted it if not to formalize the constitution?”.

2. Job today argues that the Presidency should have known of the previous hearing as a “well-known fact”: this contravened the previous decision of the same office and the Code of Criminal Procedure which required those entitled to be present to be notified of a hearing on it. The Presidency was thus deprived of Exercising the power of duty to support the defense of victims.”

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