“Mass vaccination must stop and Covid must be treated like the flu” – Clive Dix (former Director of the UK Vaccine Task Force) – from Italy

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Draghi is increasingly lonely in his fundamentalist delusions.

Yesterday we informed you about the decisions being made in Spain, in line with an important article by Country Which explains how and why in the country that Sanchez leads, the Covid pandemic will soon be treated like the flu.

Over the weekend – strangely overshadowed by the free and fair Italian media – the key statements of the former head of the British Task Force, Dr. Cliff Dix, who literally says, “Cure coronavirus is like the flu.”

The former head of the UK’s Vaccine Task Force argued this weekend that we must “treat the virus like the flu”. bring it back Watchman. He added that we must “put an end to mass vaccination after the recall campaign.”

In a so-called “major rethinking of Covid strategy in the UK”, Dix argues it is necessary to “reverse the approach of the past two years”.

Dix continued: “We need to analyze whether we are using the current recall campaign to ensure that vulnerable people are protected, if deemed necessary. Population-centric mass vaccination in the UK must end now.”

If you notice that this is exactly the position of those who, like Professor Taro, have been described as crazy conspiracy theorists despite having guessed all the predictions. Dix concluded: “We should consider when to stop testing and let people isolate themselves when they are well and go back to work when they feel ready, as we do in bad flu season. The counterintuitive nature of our Covid tests is on full display in the world of sports.” If we were to test this method in the future, no team in any sport would be able to make the starting lineup again.”

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