Maserati’s ambitions start in the realm of novelty in Mexico

beginning of the Engine season Now we have to. If the calendar year is opened, as usual, with an extension Dakar Rally And if an extra two months separate the champions of two- and four-wheelers and enthusiasts from the first dates of the World Championships Formula 1 And Moto GP Scheduled to be held respectively on March 5 in Bahrain and March 26 in Portugal, Saturday January 14 will unveil the ninth edition of the World Championship. Formula E.

Formula E 2023, we start in Mexico: the Gen3 era is underway

The season will start at a high altitude, given that the first of the 11 rounds of the championship will take place in Mexico, where the ePrix is ​​scheduled to be on the permanent circuit of Mexico City. Five months after the end of the edition, he was crowned king Stoffel Vandoornea former Mercedes Formula 1 test driver capable of becoming the seventh different driver to win in Formula E, as well as repeating the success of the previous year’s Silver Arrows at the wheel of the Mercedes EQ Formula E team thanks to the Dutch Nick DeVriesThe electric vehicle challenge is renewed with many innovations at the regulatory level and beyond.

What enthusiasts are most eagerly awaiting is what kind of cars will compete on the racetracks, some of which have never been seen before. Indeed, the 2023 World Cup marks the beginning of the highly anticipated Gen3 era. Compared to the “ancestors” Gen2, the new single-seater will develop 480 hp and 350 kW, thus 40% higher, and The maximum speed exceeded 320 km / h. In short, guaranteed entertainment, but also safety, because the new cars will be smaller, More compact and lighterwith an increase of about 60 kg and therefore easier to drive, albeit weighted at the front due to the other great novelty, the presence of an engine aimed at recovering energy both when braking and when decelerating.

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Formula E revolution: the calendar is distorted, timed races disappear and mandatory pit stops

In addition to change Tires, With Hankook taking Michelin’s place, there are also significant changes to the racing format. In fact, the first ePrix of 2023 will see a return to racing right away Long-termand nothing more right on time: The 45 minutes plus one lap formula, in force until 2022, will be replaced by the normal Eprix based on laps. Goodbye, on the other hand, unlike Social Times, is Boost, which rewards the 5 most voted pilots on social channels. Finally, an introduction Mandatory pit stopthe so-called attack charge, which will only be present in some GPs: it will last 30 seconds, during which the pilots will get 4 kWh more power.

As for the circuits, along with the current historical stages such as Monaco, where the race will take place on May 6, e Rome , Waiting for the racing cars at the now famous Eur street circuit for the weekend of 16th to 17th July, a week before the Grand Final in London, there will in fact also be absolute novelties such as India, For another street circuit, in Hyderabad, on February 11th and South Africa, There will be a stop on February 25 in Cape Town for a possible public rehearsal for the return of Formula 1, which has been missing in the region since 1993.

The drop is also historical Brazil, In sao paulo and you can not miss a new location in United Statethe new eldorado from Formula 1, but also interested in electrification with the E-Prix from Portland On June 24th. Instead, the stages in Morocco and South Korea disappear from the calendar.

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Maserati lands in Formula E: Aim to win outright

Pre-season testing has been important for the various teams to familiarize themselves with the many new features, but it’s still hard to get an idea of ​​the hierarchies that will prevail on the track before the engines really start to buzz. In fact, a lot has changed even at the level of the stables, Starting with Mercedes’ farewellpurchased by mclaren, Which will therefore be one of the three British teams to start with Jaguar and Envision Racing of Sébastian Buemi, the 2015 World Champion.

All new too Cobra teamGerman, while the French D.S. Penske He would make a great pairing alongside reigning champion Vandoorne A.J Jean-Eric Vergnethe only one to win two world championships, in 2018 and 2019. Last but not least, the debut of an Italian brand Thanks to the presence of the Maserati Squadra Corsein which the Swiss will be as pilots Edward Mortara and German Maximilian Gunther.

Tipo Folgore of Casa del Tridente, who has taken over the Venturi team, seems to be doing very well by his design. Testing times were excellent, and a novice should obviously be paid at least initially, but the project managers didn’t hide aiming for the podium right away. Perhaps as soon as possible and as high as possible …

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