Maserati announces the F Tributo Special Edition

The golden years of the race To honor one of the greatest drivers of the past who also raced his long career (five world titles) Maserati, Presents the Trident House Special Edition Triboto F., Special editions designed for Ghibli e Levante. An event that naturally wants to remind everyone of Maserati’s great sporting past, which was christened in races 95 years ago, when the first Maserati, Tipo 26, on April 25, 1926, won the Targa Florio race in the 1500 class with Alfieri Maserati in a hurry. 28 years later, on January 17, 1954, Maserati debuted in Formula 1 with the single-seat 250F led by Argentine champion Juan Manuel Fangio.

Red and blue – the new Special Edition Triboto F. From Ghibli e Levante It is available in two new colors: Tributo Red and Tributo Blue. It goes without saying that red is the color that always or almost always symbolizes Italian racing cars, while the blue is inspired by blue, which is one of the colors (along with yellow) of Modena, where Maserati was born and still is today. It manufactures some of its cars at the historic plant on Cerro Menotti Road.

Unique details – Complete the picture i Circles 21-inch Anteo in Black or Titano in Glossy Black. On the fender there is a file badge In glossy black, on the rear pillar is the Trident logo in body color. In thePassenger compartment The shades of the exterior detailing distinguish the seams in red or yellow, along with the black Pienofiore leather.

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