Masculine preparation of sweets from a famous brand: chemical hazards

The Ministry of Health has issued a new withdrawal regarding a thickening preparation for sweets contaminated with ethylene oxide.

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The Ministry of Health has remember batch of Preparation of thickener for confectionery and bakery products. The danger is that it is contaminated by ethylene oxide It is found in carob flour. As a precaution, the European Commission has banned the trade of products in which traces of ethylene oxide have been found. It is actually a substance that is highly toxic to humans. It is recommended that the product in question not be consumed and returned to its reference point of sale. All details relating to the confectionery product batch have been withdrawn.

Food shrinkage: ethylene oxide in thickener preparation for confectionery and bakery products

Not the first case of ethylene oxide contamination related to carob flour. It is actually a major ingredient in desserts and bakery preparations in general. L ‘ethylene oxideAnd albeit in small quantities, it was categorically prohibited In industrial food production by the European Commission. However, in some products, it is still found to be extremely harmful to human health. It is with preparation Loaf mold thickener, brand Molino Rossetto to me “Possible traces of ethylene oxide in the carob seed flour component”. Among the products withdrawn by the Ministry of Health this month are: Hamburger, yogurt, creamAnd Nutritional supplementsAnd herbal teaAnd Pre-packaged snacks, sundaes and ice cream.

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Batch number and useful information about the recalled product

The Ministry of Health submitted to Immediate call And notice of withdrawal of some batches of condensed L’ov for confectionery brand Molino Rossetto. The reason is the presence of ethylene oxide in locust gum. The manufacturer is located at San Fausto Route 98 in Ponlongo in the province of Padua. The product is sold in packages of 22.5 grams, containing three sachets of 7.5 grams each Batch numbers L216061, L20267, L20181, and L20163, and Minimum Conservation Conditions (Tmc) 07/02/2022, 23/01/2022, 29/10/2021 and 11/10/2021 (EAN 8018211900301). As a precaution, it is recommended that the contaminated product not be consumed and returned to the reference point of sale for possible recovery.

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