Martinez buys a dog from the private military departments, entrusting him with the most valuable thing he has in the house

The world champion Argentina goalkeeper returned to England and paid more than 20,000 euros to buy a Belgian sponsor to commission him to monitor the gold medal won by Qatar.

Emiliano Martinez bought a private guard dog to keep the World Cup gold medalist in custody.

How do we protect the gold medal won by the World Cup from thieves and any ill-intentioned person? Emiliano Dipo Martinez He had an idea: to have a private guard watch over the prize, with a penchant for recognizing suspicious persons and how close they might come for suspicious reasons.

A goal keeperArgentina The world champion is back withAston Villa Recently after the long vacation following Qatar she chose a dog as her trusted safety collaborator. He paid £20,000 (about €22,000) to acquire a Belgian Malinois Shepherd, a specimen whose characteristics are ideal for checking things to be kept in custody.

A type of extreme defender who, if expertly educated, can also be useful in rescue operations even in the toughest and most difficult of situations. It is also used by the Special Departments of the SAS (UK) and Navy Seals (USA) on missions in combat zones. There was no better choice according to the South American top-ranked player, who, since his return to England, has also had to deal with the massive popularity he has gained due to the great celebrations that accompanied his World Cup victory.

Situations that even his coach, Emery, had to talk to the man and the athlete to explain How some transgressions are unacceptable. steps Neurotic tricks and tricks Adopted to distract the French during the penalty shoot-out, there were other gestures that the Spanish coach did not like: starting withGreat jubilation at receiving the Golden Glove From the best goalkeeper in the World Cup to the doll with Mbappe’s face that was carried as a trophy and sneer on the bus to the party in Buenos Aires.

How could this chorus have gone unnoticed inside the locker room right after the victory? He couldn’t… In fact, the whole world saw him leading the train of soccer players that stopped at one point while Martinez called out Silence because “Mbappe is dead”.

The sheer exhilaration of

The sheer jubilation of “Depo” Martinez earned him the award for Best Goalkeeper of the World Cup.

Why so much intensity and a sense of revenge on the attacker across the Alps? And the goalkeeper spoke of arrogance, referring to something that happened long before the final match in the Arab country: in particular, an interview in which he demonstrated the talent of Paris Saint-Germain (who preferred not to respond to provocations) identified South American football as being less developed than European football.

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