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vanishement Dietrich Mateschitz After a long illness that occurred on the occasion of the United States Grand Prix, prompted Red Bull to define a new system of governance as the successor to the farewell Austrian Shepherd. The energy drink giant has launched a kind of trio with the former CEO of football club Leipzig Oliver Mintzlaff As a contact person for all teams associated with the Red Bull brand.

The F1 team in turn has a hat-trick on the bridge that made Milton Keynes’ fortunes. Obviously we are talking about the trio formed by Adrian Newey, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. In the name of Niue’s independence, Marco and Horner reconciled with Niue Porsche As of 2026 He has already reached for a handshakebut faced with the prospect of losing complete control of the team through a 50/50 partnership, the Red Bull leaders preferred to remain independent.

the independence of that second Helmut Marko It will continue so far that it is no longer necessary to count F1 activity in Mateschitz, but in Mintzlaff: “Everything remains quiet for us. There have been preliminary talks with our new boss, Mr Mintzlaff, and there is agreement that it wouldn’t make sense to restructure a package as successful as Red Bull Racing. Where there is a need is AlphaTauri. Last year was not satisfactory.”Marco’s words in an interview with the German newspaper Cars and sports.

In fact, the Faenza team finished only ninth in the constructors’ standings, a real setback for the Red Bull team who dominated the championship instead. In light of 2023, a real “operation” is underway to change pace in the next season: their technical and financial capabilities, The ninth position is unacceptable – Marco added – They made many strategic mistakes. The car has very little downforce. Right now, we are assessing the situation and evaluating which screws need to be tightened.”

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