Mario Kart 10, Xenoblade, Pikmin, and Rogue Squadron 4 in 2022, according to a leak –

According to a leaker, in 2022 they will land on the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 10 (or Mario Kart Crossroads, depending on what they decide to call it), it’s a game Xenoblade, new picmin e Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 4.

Obviously we’re talking about voices, titles that the concerned leaker has heard about from their sources, but if confirmed can strongly distinguish the New Year from the Japanese console hybrid, at the moment are still not particularly full of releases as you have read in private with all the 2022 games.

However, there are more details: According to the post, Mario Kart will include 10 characters from Various intellectual property, whereas Xenoblade will be primarily an episodic adventure.

As for the new Pikmin game, it will be developed by Next Level Games, the authors of Luigi’s Mansion 3, while Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 4 will be developed by Crytek.

Will this alleged leak be confirmed in the coming weeks and months? It’s still too early to say, but all the products mentioned would at least make sense judging by the success of the respective brands so far.

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