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Marinelli: “A great experience in the USA. We want to do better this season”

In an interview with Tuttosport, Inter player Gloria Marinelli spoke about the new season that is about to start

Gloria Marinelli, Inter player, spoke in an interview with Tuttosport, about the new season that is about to begin and about the Nerazzurri’s tour of the United States:

What was your reaction when you heard that Inter were going to tour the US?

“I was left speechless. I found out through a partner of mine, I couldn’t believe it. Once they gave us the confirmation I started to get the bag ready, which was actually ready a week before leaving. I consider myself very lucky to be part of a club that allows us to By having this experience, it does not happen to everyone and I think this confirms how much the club is interested, first and foremost in the women’s sector, but also to introduce ourselves outside Italy and Europe.”

“Very beautiful. For the same experience, because we were able to compare ourselves with people with a completely different mentality than ours, because we also played against a great team, Chivas, the champions of Mexico, and we also won, with everything it really is. .at the height of the season.”

Which Inter will be Inter this season?

“A team that wants to grow and develop compared to last year. We want to do better in terms of the arrangement, but also in terms of the team, in the game. We are focused on individual and collective growth to go higher and higher.”

As a coaching veteran: What has Inter grown the most in recent years?

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“On the way to being on the field. There is more organisation, we are better on the pitch and we know what to do to give one hundred percent in every game.”

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