Marina Abramović on display in London in 2023

It will be the UK’s largest retrospective of the famous artist: a 50-year journey of life and art, punctuated by performances that have gone down in history, from Imponderabilia to The Art is Present

Venice 75, Marina Abramovich, photo Irene Vanessa

Retroactively Marina Abramović (Belgrade, 1946) to The Royal Academy of Art, London, the largest ever in the UK. The show has been canceled due to the pandemic, and the show has now been rescheduled for next year. The English Foundation has in fact announced the new dates: the event will take place From September 23 to December 10, 2023and it will be a survey of fifty years of the life and art of the famous artist.

Marina Abramović at the Royal Academy of Art in London

The exhibition will include works charting the artist’s career, along with new works designed specifically for the Royal Academy. As already happened in cleaner – An exhibition that has already touched the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, and CoCA in Toruń in Poland – The English exhibition will also be re-proposed retroactively, and interpreted by the performers led and directed. Abramovich herself, ImponderabiliaOne of Abramovi’s most famous shows with his ex-life and art partner Olay. In 1977, the artists were invited to Bologna on the occasion of the International Performance Week. At the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, they developed the performance, which was born from the reflection that “if there were no artists, there would be no museums”. Thus Abramovich and Ulay turned themselves to the door of the museum, and laid themselves naked in front of the other at the entrance to the building. To enter, due to the narrowness of the corridor, visitors have to move aside and then “rubbing” their bodies, deciding whether to encounter the naked man or the naked woman. The show, which was supposed to last six hours, only lasted three hours: it was interrupted by the arrival of the police.

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Performing by Maria Abramovich on display in London

behind ImponderabiliaThe London Gallery will celebrate Abramovich’s other historical performances: among them, tempo 0 (1974), in which the audience is invited to interact freely with the artist’s fixed and helpless body; And the The artist is there (2010), at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where the artist, in absolute silence, held the eyes of the many people (including Olay) who sat in front of her from time to time.

– Desiree Maeda

London / September 23 to December 10 2023
Marina Abramović
The Royal Academy of Art, London

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