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It’s an American-Russian clash. Maria Zakharova attacks Kamala Harris: “But how do you talk? In America there is a decline. ” He quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. From her channel on Telegram, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Minister, Serge Lavrov, mocks US Vice President Kamala Harris. Zakharova mentioned part of Harris’ speech on bailing out America: “It seems like maybe a small problem, it’s a big problem. You have to go and be able to get to where you want to go to get your work done and go home” and he mocked her: “What language do you Are you talking about it? Not there.”

Then the spokesperson rushed out: “When many lie and live in a surreal world of their painful delusions, speech disorder and language difficulties begin. This is what we see with American officials.” A muscular challenge, Zakharova’s challenge that “destroys” her rival, recalls the sermon of Martin Luther King, the activist and leader of the civil rights movement for African Americans: “I compare their pathetic rhetorical efforts to the inspiration and inner light of Martin King Luther. In America there is decline.”

The spokeswoman sees well beyond the ocean, but is shortsighted inside: in Russia, GDP collapsed to -8.5%, opponents of the Putin regime were imprisoned, tortured and killed.

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