Maria Hanauer wins gold in the 64kg category at the 2022 European Weightlifting Championships – OA Sport

Maria Hanhauer won the gold medal in the weightlifting category up to 64 kgthe first test on the fourth day of 2022 European Championship in TiranaThe Albania exhibition is now in its 100th edition.

Ukraine was The absolute star in the raceimposes itself in snatch (102 kg her) and in momentum (120 kg) Make no mistake in any of the six total attempts and collect 222 .. It was getting second place instead Nurai Gungor, the second in the snatch, raising the 99 gauge, and the first with equal merit in the throw (also for her 120). Due to the differences in the first slide, the Turkish slide She had to settle for a total of 219.

Definitely more separate from French Vicki Griot which, although the non-positive test in the snatch (89 kg) regained the rise in momentum registering the third highest scale with 119 and Overtaken overall competition by 208.

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Swedish eligibility note Daniela Germanranked fourth one unit lower (207) due to the momentum characteristic of two empty passes, managing to pull ‘only’ 111, having taken the third rip out of the push (96).

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