Marcialonga does not stop, on Sunday two thousand athletes compete in the valleys of Vaimi and Vasa.

History MarcialongaIt started 50 years ago in the canyons of Trentino Fiemi e Vasa Where is dSunday 31 January Great protagonist Cross country skiingEven if the restrictions imposed by the pandemic require the races to be “limited in number”, with no crowds along the way. And Granfondo returns to scenario Dolomiti From Trentino Lots of amazing snow with More than 2000 athletes in the beginning Represent 24 countries On the road 70 km From Moena to Kanazi to Predazzo and arrival to Cavalese.

In addition to Italy, which has 1,467 registered athletes, the Czech Republic (161), Norway (120) and Sweden (116) were more represented, but this is not surprising given the love and passion of these countries for Marcialonga. Then there are “Cinderella” countries like Japan, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Romania, Belgium, Canada, and Belarus that have cross-country traditions less rooted than the Nordic countries and only one athlete competes. Added to these is Brazil with the “last minute” cross-country figure who works and lives in the Val di Vimie.

When we talk about Marcialonga, we are referring to a cross-country race of international significance and interest that attracts every year The best athletes in the world On long distance. Champions of the highest level have passed through the snow of the valleys of Vimi and El Fasa and this year will be the same with the ring Wisma Ski Classics That completes the journey that began with the first two stages Diagonella And the Dobbiaco Cortina. To watch, the Norwegian Peter Eliassen, the 2019 winner, and Morten Eddy Pedersen, as well as Tord Asel Girdalen, who scored three consecutive wins in Marcelonga from 2015 to 2017. The Swedes, Oscar Cardin and Emile Pearson, should not be underestimated, on the podium in Dobbiaco-Cortina. Last weekend. Russian Ermel Vukoyev, ruler of the previous stage of ski classics and compatriot Ilya Chernosov, is also expected to be first at the finish line in Kavalis in 2018.
For Italy, the best men are Mauro Brigadoy and Francesco Ferrari, but Gilberto Paneci and Lorenzo Poussin are also expected to seek good placements by continuing in the excellent, albeit difficult, preparation to the more famous northern skaters.

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On the women’s fund side, the nominee was Swedish Brita Johansson Nürgren, a multiple winner in this snow. Parole is a must as she was a victim of frostbite in Switzerland 10 days ago. It is registered, but its presence is not confirmed. The contenders for success include Norwegian Astrid Auer Slend, Bohemian Katrina Smotna and recent winner Dobbiaco Cortina, Lena Kursgren from Sweden. Eyes also focused on the Italian athletes with Chiara Caminada and Sarah Pellegrini of Robinson Trentino who would try to finish well to keep the tricolor high, as well as art daughter Stefania Corradini (Sotozzero) at home.
The overall standings in the Visma Ski Classics circuit after two tests show the Swedes in the lead with Oskar Kardin (370 points) ahead of the Russian Ermil Vokuev (300) and the other Sweden Emil Persson (270), while among the women Lina Korsgren is in the lead (370 points) on her compatriot Ida Dahl (300) and Emily Fletten (300) Norwegian.

Marcialonga show that takes place, as well as with the “Queen” race with Departure Scheduled from Moena at 8 am for men followed by women after 5 minutes, as well as side events accompanying the Gran Fondue: to compile weekend There will be cross country skiing, Saturday 30, The The story of Marcialonga (Of 10), the revival of cross country skiing from yesteryear equipment e Clothes A precedent for 1976 (A portion of the recordings will be donated to Italian Association against Cancer) And the Marcialonga Young At 2.30pm on the 4-kilometer race track where the boys’ classes will compete, while the pupils, aspirants and juniors classes will be on Sunday on the track starting at 8.45pm.

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And if the competitions could not be followed live, then there would be in-depth TV coverage: Live TV broadcasts would be broadcast on Sky Sport1 and Sky Sport Arena with commentary by Francesco Pierantozzi, Pietro Nicolodi, Elisa Calcamuggi and with art “Shoulders” by Gabriela Paruzzi and Marco Albarello, while In Trentino it will be visible on RTTR with commentary from Marco Selle and Michele Pasqualotto from 7.45am to 11.45am thanks to the Sky Sport franchise. Marcialonga can be watched live on Sky Go and Now TV platforms. Radio Fiemme, the confirmed partner for 50 years, will broadcast live after the race with two cars and a station on arrival for the usual interviews.

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